Real locations

This project, in my view, is an intimate and personal story talking about a girl who used to live for someone else and lost its identity. It talks about the destiny and about who should be. From my Department, I tried to find a sweet proposal within films with a similar atmospheric tone, either by topic, for texture, for psychological magic characters, etc.

The story as an existential drama, where you want to find this search for identity, the paths of maturity in a girl who still a child and learn the blows of reality.

For this reason, as head of art departament, my vision would be based about use a very different palette for each location because of what we wanted to demonstrate. On one hand, we have a room for her, much more alive compared with the psychology of her character.

A lonely girl fighter with a lot of character to let it take the paths of destiny and has not yet found the opportunity to get rid of the bonds that hold in the past. Our protagonist has to fight for it themselves: in a world where his destiny exist; but it is elsewhere.